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Guides for Skill-playing

Guides for Skill-playing
Skills are divided into two types: Reading skills (taking some time to release skills) and Instant skills (taking no time to release skills). 
Now let’s take a look for the Reading skills. 

When releasing this type skills, as it may interrupt to release skills, it is required that players shall find a reasonable DPS position to make sure it won’t be defeated by the enemies during releasing skills.

During PVP, please make sure there is a certain Tank to protect you and there is a safe distance from the enemy. You should look around and ensure that there is no Assassin to cut especially when it takes a long time to release skills. 

Apart from the Reading skills, there are the Instant skills. In contrast to the reading skills, you can move during releasing the instant skills, without fear of being taken away by the enemy in the process of its releasing.

The occupation of Ranger can best reflect to release instant skill and output of DPS. In the process of DPS, ranger can not only move quickly but also maintain considerable DPS. You ca choose to play the Ranger to practice to DPS with moving.

Last but not the least, Normal ATK skills are the most popular skill released by the players. 

During the normal ATK, most occupations have 0.3s CD time. Don't underestimate this little cooling time. When you press the Normal ATK Skill button, other skills and Normal ATK Skills will enter into the CD situation at the same time.