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Gold Digging Guide

How to earn gold quickly? What is the secret of it? Let us have a look. 


Gold is the most important currency in the game. We can use it to buy many kinds of items in the Gold Store. Meanwhile, gold is also the main currency of the Auction House. So how could we get gold? Let’s take a look.
Selling items in the Auction House
We can use gold to buy things at the Auction House, so we can also sell items in it! Most of the unbound items in the game, such as gathered hide, ore, produced equipment, potion and so on , can be sold in the Auction House.
Join leisure events
It is required to use the event participation voucher to finish the events like Jigsaw Puzzle, Feeding Fish and City Bomber etc to get gold randomly. 
Guild Salary
Those officials in the large Guild can obtain tens of thousands of gold each time! Besides, we can also rob the Guild Envelope to get gold.
Complete the Achievement
You can also get gold from completing achievement tasks. You can check the achievement page to see which achievements you can finish to get gold.
In addition to the above methods, there are other ways to obtain a large number of gold, such as completing special game events and daily events (100 activity points), and directly using runes (top-up currency) to exchange for gold. 

Silver Coins
The silver coins are the most basic currency in the game. We can use it to buy gems, and other materials.
Sell out items like unwanted gems
Gems can be got from digging in the Treasure Map, if a warrior has got an AGI gem and a Warlock has got a STR GEM, they can sell out these gems. Selling a grade 1 gem can get 16,000 silver coins. As long as we dig the Treasure Maps every day, we will be able to get many gems and sell out those unwanted ones to get silver coins.
Complete the Achievement
You can get silver coins from completing achievement accumulatedlly
Complete various game events
There are many kinds of events in the game, from which we can get silver coins. You can pay attention to it and join them in time.
Of course, there are other ways to get silver coins. For example, we can exchange gold for silver coins, which allows us to get large amounts of silver coins quickly.

TIP: It is also an effective way to save money to buy discount items like discounted gems in the Goblin Store!
Gold and silver coins are the basic currency in the game. With a lot of gold and silver coins, our power can be greatly increased. You can also use silver coins to buy gems and gold to buy equipment to become stronger.

Runes are one of the most important resources in the game.
You can team up with the gild boss to clear the dungeon (it is required to have 10 members and one master to make sure the Badge auctioned.) You can get 10 badge from each battle, each badge can get 5 runes, that means killing one boss can obtain 50 runes, the rewards of killing one boss is runes for each week. You can gang it directly in the auction house and save the gold for buying Enchant gem and colorful gems.