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The introduction of 8 Class choice

MT4-Lost Honor >The introduction of 8 Class choice

There are 8 classes in Lost Honor. Every Class has its feature and orientation. For some players who just played the game, how to choose a career is totally unknown. Let's have a brief understanding of the 8 major Class analysis and introduction.


 [Class orientation] Melee/ Defense

Warrior is a Tank Class in the game. Although it isn’t very aggressive, it has a very high defense ability and health point. At some team fight, the role of the warrior is very powerful. Basically it's very easy to protect your teammates while playing with this Class.


 [Class orientation] Melee/ High HP & DEF

Guardian is only class which has two forms and two skills in all the Class. One is human form and the other is bear form. The same as warrior, guardian has high health and defense. He is always at the front of the battle.


 [Class orientation] Ranged/ Group Therapy

This is a role of therapy, which owns very quick recovery treatment ability and can give restore a lot of blood to its teammates. This Class is very critical. It can fully guarantee the endurance of your teammates. You need take this class, especially when hitting boss. 


 [Class orientation] Ranged/ Therapy

This is another role with the ability of therapy. Compared to Shaman, it gives more ability to teammates. Priest is more like a therapeutic Class, while most of Shaman’s skills are offensive. To sum up, when hitting boss, you need to take this Class.


 [Class orientation] Melee/ DPS

This is a Melee Output Class. What Assassin hit is physical damage, which damage attack ability is very high with its self pretty cool mobility. It can attack the enemy easily with this Class. Assassin is particular about penetration and must attack the enemy as quickly as possible.


 [Class orientation] Ranged/ DPS

This is a Ranged Class. You can successfully attack an enemy by standing at a long distance, which owns very high physical damage. Meanwhile, it is also a very crispy Class. It need be walked during the war. Otherwise, if it hurt by an enemy, it will directly die.


 [Class orientation] Ranged/ DPS

This is another a ranged output Class, but this class's output is magic attack. In combat, the damage is usually done in groups. In this Class, you can use its skills to harm large areas of the enemy, and the skills also have control ability. To sum up, it's a class with group attacks.


 [Class orientation] Ranged/Summon

You can use this Class when you are brushing blueprint. For brushing blueprint, this Class is very fast. What’s more, you can summon many babies to help you battle. A single skill can be very aggressive. But this Class is also difficult to operate.