MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Memory of Ancient Tree

No.1 Boss- Serpent

Skill introduction

1. Base Attack: the boss will use its mouth to attack.

2. Venom: Sprays venom in front, inflicting damage on all enemies within a crescent-shaped radius in front. (Stay away from Alert Area)

3. Pull: Pull all players close and then attack.

4. Summon Snake Egg: Summons loads of snake eggs in the area, if a player steps on an egg it will hatch and a small snake will attack them.

5. Cyanide Area: players hit by the Venomist will suffer damage over time and DEF reduction.

No.2 Boss-Wrath of Earth

1. Base Attack: using its arm to hack enemies. It’s a normal single ATK skill.

2. Meteor: Throws a meteor at 1 random player, inflicting damage to all around players.

3. Earthquake: Smashes the ground with two hands, causing an earthquake that inflicts damage on all around players.

4. Division: summon a Split Body. When killed, it will become a pile of stone.

5. Throw: Throws a huge rock at the furthest player, inflicting damage on the target.

No. 3 Boss-Memory of Ancient Tree

1. Base Attack: throwing Oak fruit to enemies to make damage to enemies.

2. Summon elf: Summon two elves that slowly advances on the Memory of Ancient Tree, after reaching the tree it blows up and restores 20% HP for the tree within 5s.

3. Tree Gum: Throw a ball of tree gum at all players’ positions, slowing the speed of players on hit and increasing the skill CD time.

4. Coil: Use a branch to entangle a random target, preventing target for moving.

5. Bash: Bashes the target with the highest Threat, inflicting heavy damage, this damage will be split between the player hit and a player.