MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Lv.30 Raid Dungeon No.4

The No.4 Boss on Lv.30 Guild Dungeon-Magister Sykell


Recommended combat power:65000

Recommended class: Shaman*2+Priest*2+Tank*4+DPS*4

Boss skills: Shadow Arrow, Shadow Ball, Spirit Harvest, Dormant

Position Recommendation:

1.Tank needs to stand before the Boss

2. Other class needs to stand after the back of the Boss

Skill of the Boss

Shadow Arrow: The main reason to let all team member down is the DEBUFF of Shadow Arrow.

This skill will inflicts damage on the first hate target(Tank), and applies a DEBUFF of 18s. This DEBUFF deals 1 damage to all players every 2s and it will stack for 5 layers.(This DEBUFF is Fusion Outburst)

Why do we need 2 Ts?

Because we can't make the stacked damage of Fusion Outburst too high, each layer of damage of Fusion Outburst is 3000 points. If 3 layers are superimposed, it will cause 9000 damage to all players every 2s.

This is stressful for treatment. Of course, if the team's ability to treat is strong enough, it is okay not to change T.

But for the first time to play this dungeon, it is best to change the Tank.

3000-6000 points of damage can be treated every 2 seconds for the heal, but every 9000 points of damage in 2 seconds, it is difficult to add up.


Spirit Harvest: This is the group attack skill of the Boss. The boss will recover 2% blood when he hits each target and causes damage.

It needs the Tank to control the Boss, and make the Boss back to other members.

Shadow Ball: This is also a key skill to make all the team down. But it is very easy to avoid if all the team members could pay attention to it.

P.S. This skill will target one player, and bring damage to the nearby players, lasting for 12s.

If you are targeted, just run away from other players and do not go across the members.

Dormant: The key point of this skill is to focus on the Box(coffin).


Sykell randomly enters into a coffin and sleeps. The coffins will switch position multiple times after which one Crypt Keeper will come out of each coffin.

Kill the correct Crypt Keeper to force Sykell out of the coffin.

 Kill the wrong Crypt Keeper, and multiple Skeleton Warriors will come out of the corresponding coffin.

If Sykell hasn’t been forced out by the time sleep ends then Sykell will restore 10% of max HP. No matter when Sykell leaves the coffin, their attack will permanently increase by 10%. Effect is stackable.

So it is very important to kill the correct Crypt keeper. All the members need to pay great attention to catch the point.