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How to get perfect equipment

How to get perfect equipment

Equipment plays an important role in the RPG game. There are many way to get equipment.  Here comes the introduction for your reference.


Ways to get equipments:

1. Dungeon

2. Raid Dungeon

3. Chest

4. Elite Invasion and World Boss

5. Live skill

6. Dungeon Store

7. Guild Engineering Gear

Main points:

1. To wear the correspond level of equipment

2. The purple equipment is 5 times level than the blue ones.

3. The perfect equipment is the best one. For example, Lv 30 perfect equipment is almost equal to the Lv 45 purple equipment.

4. You can use the badge dropped from the Raid Dungeon to exchange for the perfect equipment, the Lv 30 badge can be exchanged for the Lv 30 equipment, and LV40 badge for the Lv equipment.

5. You can join the Raid Dungeon to kill the Boss, and then you can consume the runes to bind the badges. As all the members are in the same guild, It would be better to communicate how to allocate before the auction. The price for auction will be increased 10% each time.

6. You can get a badge after killing each boss for the first time, you can keep it or sell it to the Auction House.