MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Everyday To-do List

Daily to-do list

Newbie players who want to quickly improve their skills must complete daily activities.

Summary of daily operations:

Guild Trial (finish 70 cycles each week, recommend to finish10 to 20 each day, helping to increase the EXP)

Guild Donation (More than 5 times each day, it is required to consume golds for the first 5 times, while it will cost runes for the rest times.)

Donation in Trial Quest (50 times each week, civilians can donate as many sunfish as possible)

Friendship Pts (Those who stay up late can do more, help o finish purple treasure map and dungeon, team up to clear dungeon can also get Friendship Pts, which can be exchanged for Bait)

Prestige Quest (Finish it for 20 times once you log in the game each day.)

Main Quest (Do this after you have completed your daily activities)

Goblin Store (To buy silver coins and gem bags as more as you can)

Honor Store (To buy 30 gem bag and 30 Starlight each week)

Normal Dungeon (You can choose not to finish it. If there is no events and gold, and you are not in lack of EXP.)

Elite Dungeon (You can finish two times each day according to the quench stats of your equipment lacked, and remember to use the Amethyst Granules obtained)

Raid Dungeon (Newbie civilians can fight with BOSS once a week to get the rune and tradable Badge. It is recommended that newbie players to sell them.)

Please remember to exchange items in the Wonderful Events in the early period.)

Guild Store (To buy Bait, Gem and Purple Treasure Map each day)

Guild Territory (Remember to claim the gold chest each day)

Guild Weekly Salary Settlement (Those whose title above Officer can obtain large amount of gold, just be positive to be an officer.)

Recommendation for task-completing orders:

1. Prestige Quest 20/20

This can be fully automatic finished, you can go on to do other things after taking this task.

Consort shards can be bought from the Prestige Store. All the selling here is according to the map, and each one can be bought for once only.

2. Fishing

You can use up all the bait. It is suggested to buy bait from the Guild Store ( You can claim the AP chest after using up the Stamina, then you can use it for the next day.)

3. Treasure Map

You can click the blue treasure map directly to get rewards, while some little monsters will come out.

In case it will open automatically, you shall put the purple treasure map in the bag. It will transmit you to somewhere of the map, and you have to find out the chest from some rewards. It is a possibility issue to encounter “little boss”, which needs others’ help to defeat it. So you can keep it in the bag, then invite team members to defeat it.

4. Magic Beast Trap

In Magic Beast Utopia, you can click “Capture” to do it automatically, which will consume the magic beast trap in the bag.

You can complete the single orders according to these orders.

5. Fort

A placement game play, it will be unlock at Lvl 90. With a 100% successful rate, you can put the correspond class consort into it, and it will come out a tip to claim when it is finished. You can also use rune to accelerate.

It will reset on 8:00 am each day, with a total fort quests limited to 8 per day.

The rewards from Fort including: materials from leveling up the pet, traps, purple treasure maps and materials for live skill (like Alchemy, Tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing).

6. Elite Invasion

Team up at the specific times, which is similar to wild little boss. Join the guild will make it easy for you to team up with others. You can kill 5 boss totally within one day. If you have killed 5 bosses during a specific time, then you don’t need to join other teams any more.

7. Battlefield

[Rewards]There will be 5 extra rewards per day, 20 times a week. That means you can join 5 times for 4 days to get the rewards. Please claim the rewards fully for you can use the Badge to buy gem and magic beast feeding materials in the Shop.

8. Dungeon

Normal Dungeon, you can join it to get familiar with the boss skill.

Elite Dungeon is the most important one, which requires you to move to fight.

Joining the first 2 Normal Dungeons and first 2 Elite Dungeons will get the rewards.

Special situation:

If your team dissolve after just killing one boss and cannot move on during the Dungeon, the team leader can still find other to join in the team to kill the rest 2 bosses, which maybe a little to do so.

In one word, it is enough to play the Normal Dungeon for 2 times, and the Elite Dungeon for 2 times.

9. Guild Dungeon

It is required to have 10 players to play this dungeon: 2 Tank+3 Healing+ 5 DPS

As it is pursuit for many players, it is ok if normal players won’t play it.

Just communicate it with other players for some experience or ask those skillful players to take you to join it.

10. Magic Beast (a big highlight)

Open the Magic Beast Design and check which magic beast’s skill is suitable for your class.

Then you can cultivate it with 3 materials:

1) Food: to upgrade its level, this could be equal to your role’s level. The magic beast’s states is added for itself, you can select 4 highest ones. The purple ones are better than the blue ones.

2) Awakening Potion

It will enhance magic beast’s aptitude, you can increase its aptitude to enhance its states, thus increasing your own power.

3) Starlight

It will enhance magic beast’s states, aptitude and skill limit.

[Revive] Attention: The food and Starlight will be 100% returned back.

It will be failure when using Awakening Potion, which will not be returned back to you.

So it would be better to cultivate the Food and Starlight when you are not sure if you will use the magic beast for a long time.

4) Skill

You can check it in the design, for example, ATK Healing is suitable for Tank, ATK Sunder is suitable for DPS.