MT4-Lost Honor

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To upgrade rapidly in the early stage

To upgrade rapidly in the early stage

In the <MT4-Lost Honor> game, if you want to enter the ranks of the great gods, the most important thing is that you have to accumulate the EXP to upgrade. Now we will show you the channels for quick access to EXP!

Main Quest-collect EXP

You can collect EXP and combat skills from the main quest, meanwhile, you can also get familiar with the offensive features of various plots of the enemy, as well as the unique world view of <MT4-Lost Honor>.

Main quest can provide a large number of EXPs urgently needed for rapid promotion. The EXP required for promotion will increase when the level is promoted, so the EXP contributed by main quests will also greatly increase. This will help you to upgrade faster and more efficiently than other quests.


Side Quest- Small EXP collection

The main quest will not always exist, it will be broken with the promotion of the level. For example, in the initial stage of level 15 to 17, you will encounter the main quest break. At this point, we need to get EXP from the side quest, so as to quickly reach the status of the main quest.

Besides, the side quest will also provide you with a unique playing method, such as the guild quest, which makes you to be familiar with the various playing methods of <MT4-Lost Honor> gradually. Although the amount of EXP gained from this quest is small, it is an important complement to the main quest. Don’t forget it!


Prestige Quest-Fixed contribution EXP

You can receive prestige quests at the prestige NPC in the main city. Completing the prestige quests can also accumulate a lot of EXP for you. Prestige quests belong to the daily single quest, and there are 30 prestige tasks with different EXP values waiting for everyone to complete them one by one every day.

It takes 1-1.5 hours to complete Prestige quest, which will bring you the EXP, s Silver Coins, and Prestige rewards. To complete the prestige quest each day will provide you with a reliable source of EXP.


Pass Dungeon-Team up to get equipment and EXP

Different PVE dungeon can contribute a lot of upgrade EXP, and it is also a necessary way to change and acquire high level equipment. The clearance of dungeon belongs to the daily team up PVE mode. There are two chances for Normal Dungeon and Elite Dungeon to enter and complete, which will bring you accumulated EXP.

For the junior warriors entering the game, participating in the dungeon is the most affordable way to gain EXP. It is more efficient to kill monsters and kill Boss with the help of the skillful master. Besides, you can also get equipment.


Timed events- New channels for gaining EXP

In daily timed events, Bonfire Quiz, Arena, and Battlefield are the most common ways to gain EXP and these three timed events can provide a lot of EXP, while compared to other methods.

However, as their participation is strictly time-limited, they need everyone to participate at the designated time each day to obtain the corresponding EXP. Therefore, they are most likely to be missed, please remember to participate it on time every day!


Find back Rewards-Find back the EXP

Reward recovery is a kind of EXP compensation, if you fail to participate in various activities, you can try to click the events to claim back the EXP. Bothe the perfect recovery and normal recovery require you to pay to claim back the EXP and the rewards.

The perfect recovery can recover 100% of the EXP, which requires to pay a large of gold..Normal recovery can only recover 60% of the EXP in proportion, requiring a minimal cost which is affordable for most warriors.