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Living skills

Living skills

In < MT4-Lost Honor>, there are four types of living skills: Tailoring, Alchemy, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking.

Each living skill contains three factors: Living skills level, production Formula, Create materials.


Alchemy’s functions:

It is the most special one of the living skills. All the items produced from Alchemy are using for consumption, including Elixir, Potion, Flask, Shapeshift Potion and Fireworks.

Elixir can help to recover player’s HP;

Potion can help players to enhance States;

Flask, just likes Potion, is using to enhance states shortly, with a better effect;

Fireworks can be used when players get together or send to each other to increase Favorability;

Shapeshift Potion can be used to change shape only, without any states influence.Tailoring functions:

It could be use one word to describe its function: whoever needs clothes and bags.

Tailoring can collect flax and cotton cloth in the game to make bags, Bracers, Gauntlets, Shoes and Leggings. All these items can be used or sold out. There is a good market needs in the game, which is a good channel to make money.

Leatherworking functions:

You can get materials by collecting Animal remains to make equipments of Helmet, Pauldrons,

Belt and clothes as well as the special item “Drum”.

Drum is a excellent item, which will bring a 5 minutes states gains, helping players to play well in the game. This is a unique advantage of Leatherworking.

Blacksmithing functions:

Through learning blacksmithing, you can collect ore to make Weapon, Trinket, Necklace, Ring, Treasure chest keys.

Among all these production, chest keys are the unique one. Because there are many treasure chests, ranging from different levels and containing mysterious rewards, scattered around the world in the game. You can only use the chest keys made from blacksmithing to open them.


We kindly suggest you to choose the living skills. And you will get more strength than others by getting an extra income in the game. If you are playing with your friends, you can ask them to choose different living skills to make up for each other.