MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

The Class of Enchant

Enchant is one of important playing method in the Lost Honor. It can add stats by enchanting equipments. For different classes, enchants select different stats. The output class is dominated by attacks & Crit and other stats, while Warrior, Shaman and Priest are dominated by defense.

Preparation for enchant

The main material of equipment enchant is Enchantment Dust and Enchantment Essence, which can be got by disenchanting equipments. Other material can be got by vendor, Guild War, Fishing, Prestige Quest and other method.

Enchant attribute and Special Effect

Equipment enchantment attribute divides into the attack type and the defense type.

Attack Type (Attack Effect/ Crit Rate): Lesser Attack/Crit/ Flame/ Landslide/ Bloodthirst/ Penetration/ Fate

Attack Type (Defense/HP): Lesser Toughness/ Defense/ HP/ Block

Class Equipment Enchantment Recommended

Mage & Warlock

Attack Type: Lesser Attack/ Lesser Crit/ Lesser Flame

Defense Type: Lesser HP/ Lesser Block/ Lesser Defense

Novice Recommendation: Lesser Flame of Attack Type+ Lesser Defense of Defense Type


Defense Type: Lesser HP

Attack Type: Lesser Attack/ Lesser Crit/ Lesser Bloodthirst

Novice Recommendation: Lesser Bloodthirst


Attack Type: Lesser Attack/ Lesser Crit/ Lesser Bloodthirst/ Lesser Penetration

Novice Recommendation: Lesser Crit

Shaman & Priest

Attack Type: Lesser Block/ Lesser HP

Novice Recommendation: Lesser HP

Tank & Guardian

Defense Type: Lesser HP/ Lesser Block

Novice Recommendation: Lesser Block