MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Eternal Clan HQ

Eternal Clan HQ


No.1 Boss-Kobe <Ironblood General>

1. When you challenge the No. 1 Boss- Kobe <Ironblood General>, you should pay particular attention to the boss because it will coherently release the skill. At the beginning, it will release the Eradication: inflicts damage in a crescent-shaped radius on enemies in front. (Stay away from Alert Area)

2. After releasing Eradication, the boss will charge at a random enemy, inflicting damage. And then it will release Thunder Strike inflicting damage on enemies. These two will make great damage. We recommend that when boss release charge; healer should heal the teammate charged by boss. When facing the Thunder Strike, all should stay away from Alert Area.

3. After finish those skills, boss will release Barrier to increase DEF by 20%. During the time, just keep attacking the boss.

4. Boss will fire a rain of arrows towards two random players, inflicting damage on players within 12 yard radius. The area to be attacked will be displayed in advance on the screen. We should stay away from Alert Area.

No.2 Boss-Linda <Frost Mage>

1. At the beginning, Linda will release Frost Aura, inflicting damage on enemies within 10 yards and reducing the speed. The area to be attacked will be displayed in advance on the screen. When you see it, just stay away from Alert Area. Then Linda will repel and do damage on enemies within 5 yards because of Spell Overload. The progress bar will be displayed on the screen. Assassin and Tank can stay away from it in advance.

2. During the battle, Linda will plant a fire seed in the target that inflicts damage over time; a ring of fire will then appear below the target’s feet after 6 sec, inflicting damage on all enemies within 10 yard radius. Once you are planted a fire seed, please remember stay away from your teammates. At the same time, healer should heal the teammate who is planted a fire seed to reduce the damage over time. As for the ring of fire, just stay away from it.


3. During the battle, Linda will change two enemies to sheep. If you become the sheep, you can initiative to bear the “a ring of fire” or “Frost Aura” because once you bear the damage, you can change to the original look and then you can make damage to the boss.

4. Please pay attention that, in elite dungeon, Linda will release “Frostfire Chain”, choosing random two enemies and then inflicting damage over time. There will be a link between these two teammates. If the link is red, the two teammates should stay away from each other. If the link is white, you should stay closely.

No.3 Boss-White <Archbishop>

 1. When challenging White, it will summon the No 1 boss Kobe and No 2 boss Linda, their HP are less than before but they still can do damage on enemies.

2. After killing No 1 and No 2 boss, attacking White can have double damage in certain time. So please remember attack No 1 and No 2 boss at first. After you kill No 1 boss, your damage buff will increased by 100%. When you kill No 2 boss, White’s defense will reduce by 100%, so it’s the best time to kill White.

3. White will release “Power Word - Shield” and then release “Rejuvenation Spell”. After 5s, the helper with minimal HP will increase lots of HP. So we need to attack White as soon as possible to stop it from using this skill in order to stop the “Rejuvenation Spell”.