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Assassin PVE Inscription& Talent

Assassin PVE Inscription Skills And Talent Recommendation

When we pass the dungeon, we found that the Assassin's DPS is actually not low. So what inscription skills and talents should the Assassin play in PVE? Just see the below recommendation.


Assassin PVE Inscription Skills Recommendation

The six skills of the Assassin are StabStealthCross SlashChoke LockMaim and Blade Dance. The inscription skills of assassin in PVE are often mixed of 3 series inscriptions.


Stab - Fierce Toxin: The weapon is poisoned. When attacking the enemy, there is a 25% probability of adding a potent poison. It is very useful to match the talent Pressing On.


Stealth - Deadly Venom: Sneak attack with potent poison, continuous physical damage on enemy.


Choke Lock - Cut: During the Choke Lock, the self combo rate is increased by 10%. The Choke Lock effect lasts up to 12 seconds, but the Choke Lock cooling time is only 8 seconds. As the combo rate increases, the Assassin's DPS will be enhanced.


Cross Slash - Weak Point: Increases the Cross Slash critical strike rate and critical strikes by 10%


Maim - Anticipation: With this skill, the next skill damage will be increased by 50%. These 2 combinations are well recommended: Maim – Anticipation-> Cross Slash or Maim – Anticipation-> Blade Dance


Blade Dance - Bloodthirst: Random attacks on enemies around yourself 4 times, skill DPS will be very high.


Assassin PVE Talent Recommendation

Recommendation from an assassin at level45~


When playing PVE, we want the highest DPS. So we should choose the talent which can improve DPS instead of the talent which can improve control ability and survivability.


Overwhelm: When the target health is below a certain percentage, it increases the critical strike rate of all attacks by 10%, which can greatly increase the Assassin output.


Enigma: When the skill crit, the cooldown of all the skills is reduced (plus 5 points for 1 second), which can make the assassin DPS ability to burst high.


Pressing On: Increase all damage by 8% on the poisoned target(when plus 5 points). Skill Fierce Toxin + talent Pressing On could help increase DPS by 8% stably.


Detect Weak Point: Crit damage increased by 10% (when plus 5 points). The crit rate is the basis. Only with a high crit rate, can this talent play its role. 

Assassin PVE inscription skills are relatively simple to choose. Cause most of the assassin's inscription skills are stunned, freeze or poison with a reduced therapeutic effect.  These effects are useless when attacking the BOSS. So assassins, try the above mentioned inscription skills in PVE, I believe you will be able to improve your DPS ability!