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Mage PVE Inscriptions


The Recommendation of Mage PVE Inscriptions

The 6 basic skills of a Mage are: Magical Bolt, Blast, Magic Blast, Soul Rain, Nova and Elemental Orb. The choice of inscriptions recommended by Mage PVE is very simple, that is, all the inscriptions of flame are selected.

Magical Bolt - Frostfire: Burns DOT to the target while doing damage, which is the required inscription skill for Mage PVE.

Blast - Nether Flame: Increases the damage of enemies in the burning state by 30%. The CD is only 6 seconds. When combined with the DOT of the Mage, it can make high damage.

Magic Blast - Lava: Mage’s Elemental Orb, crit rate is very high. It is Mage PVE's core output skills.

Soul Rain—Firestorm: Reduce the damage reduction of the target. At least one mage in the group should be able to use it, which can increase the DPS damage of the whole group.

Nova - Fire Wave: This skill can be group attack, group control with interrupt.

Elemental Orb - Wrath of God: Increase its crit rate by 15% for 8 seconds.

The Recommendation of Mage PVE Talent Pts

Attention! The following recommended additions are only suitable for levels below level 50.

All Out AttackIncreases attack power and decreases physical defense.

Divine Ice Coil: When flame skill crit, it has 30% chances to reset the CD of the next Magic Blast - Lava, without chanting.

Occult Master: Reduces the CD effect make it outstanding around the group.

Ice PropellerCrit reduce the CD of all abilities, which is the Mage's core talent.

Extreme ColdIncreases Bash - Nether crit damage.

Keep on using flame exploding! This is the development direction of PVE Mage. It can be said that the later, the stronger the Mage. Some even say that after level 50, the Mage is the king of PVE damage, not the Warlock!

The above recommendations are for reference only. Please be based on actual experience. Thank you.