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Mage PVP Inscription&Talent

The Recommendation of Mage PVP Inscriptions &Talent

Mage Inscriptions Skills and Talent Pts are closely related to the class of a teammate, the following is for reference only.

The Recommendation of Mage PVP Inscriptions

Mage’s 6 skills are Magical Bolt, Blast, Magic Blast, Soul RainNova and Elemental Orb.

Magical Bolt-FrostfireInstant Start skills

Blast -Nether Flame: Recommended when teammates have a lot of blood volume / Ice Spike: recommended when teammates have low blood volume

Magic Blast -Freeze: Freeze targets for 3.5 seconds, Mage’s superior control skills

Soul Rain -Flood: Has the interrupt effect, belongs to the group attack control skills

Nova -Jewel Shield: Group attack skill, with defense inscription skills

Elemental Orb - Black HoleGroup attacks and group control, with interrupt effects inscriptions skills

The Recommendation of Mage PVP Talent

Positional WarfareIncrease your output ability

All Out AttackIncrease your attack ability, reduce your defense ability

HP BarrierWhen your HP is less than 30%, it will generate a health shield automatically. That's the equivalent of increasing your blood volume (the higher your attack, the stronger your shield)

Endless Attack: Increase your Combo Rate/ Ice PropellerWhen crit, reduce all the skills CD

Ice BreakerIncrease your defense ability

There are many methods to add Mage PVP Talent Pts. At 3V3 low marks stage, all of you are in the low blood, you can choose one. While at 3V3 high mark stage, the output of ranged attacks, need to consider skills and talents to save their HP.

The above recommendations are for reference only. Please be based on actual experience. Thank you.