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PVE Priest Inscriptions & Talents

Recommendation for PVE Priest Inscriptions Match & Talents

Today we will share some recommendations for PVE Priest Inscriptions Match & Talents.

It is necessary to have a Priest when attacking with the powerful Boss.


Recommendation for PVE Priest Inscriptions Match:

Priest has six skills: Soothe, Purify, Spirit Words, Inundation, Glowing Shadow and Aura.
You can just select the Cure Inscriptions when match it.

Soothe-Guardian: There is 50% chances to increase both DEF stats of target 10% for 5 sec. During PVE, if Priest keeps healing the target, the target will remain its guardian effect as there is a high chance to trigger it.

Purify-Sunglow: Do damage to the enemy, and the damage it made will cure the ally nearby. It is a group healing, while the single healing is not weak.

Spirit Words- Shelter: Making a Health Shield for target, it will increase HP when being attacked. Adding the shield means to increase target’s HP.

Inundation-Spirit Glare: The first healing effect of Inundation will increased by 150%, it is a skill which can increase healing.

Glowing Shadow-Divine Cure: Increase healing effect of Glowing Shadow and increase the healing effect of the target by 25% for 5 sec. As this skill requires time to release, you shall consider when to use it. For example, you can use other skills which can increase HP before the Boss enters Berserk state, and then you can get the Bonus Healing.

Aura- Holy Light: It is a group healing, which is rare group healing skill.


Recommendation for PVE Priest Talents:

Blessed by Fortune: When it triggers the crit, there is chance to reset the CD time for Inundation, and increase its healing effect by 30%.

Revive: Glowing Shadow has 50% chance to add Revive effect (adding 5 talent points effect). It is necessary to click Talents when fighting in a dungeon, as there will be strong Revive effect, which will restore 50% ATK HP for 8 sec.

Tactical Command: All Secret Arts cooldown will reduce.

First Aid: When your ally’s HP is lower to a certain percent, it will heal all its Crit Rate by 10%. This skill will be used in a very difficult dungeon.

Practice Makes Perfect: Increase the healing effect of Soothe-Guardian.

Reanimation: If the target has Revive effect, it will increase all its healing effect by 4%. If there are 2 priests in a team, and all of them have clicked the Revive talents, then MT will have the Revive effect all the time. Reanimation is a super strong assisting talents for single healing.


If you don’t know how to select PVE Inscriptions, you can just change it into a cure Inscriptions.

Just have try~~