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PVP Priest Inscriptions & Talents

Recommendation for PVP Priest Inscriptions Match & Talents

The following are more details for you.


Recommendation for PVP Priest Inscriptions Match:

Priest has six skills: Soothe, Purify, Spirit Words, Inundation, Glowing Shadow and Aura
Soothe- Black Light: It will increase your HP when attacking the enemy, which is the most suitable one for PVP Priest.

Purify- Spirit Break: Group attack and control, making damage for several targets and will slow down for 3s.

Spirit Words- Shelter: Making a Health Shield for the target and will increase your own HP.

Inundation- Spirit Glare: Increase one’s HP. Just use it to increase its HP when it is attacked by the enemy.

Glowing Shadow- Divine Cure: The Healing effect for your members will be increased by 25%. You can make a Divine Cure for your members, and then release Inundation when they are attacked by the enemy.

Aura- Judgment: Heal members and do consistent damage for the enemies for 5 sec.


Recommendation for PVP Priest Talents:

It is considered to save yourself when making the talents, but not to pursuit the best healing.

Spirit Glare Barrier: All the Shields will increased by 25% for 10 sec. You can make it for your members or yourself, which is a advantage for PVP.

Divine Guidance: Soothe and heal members, which will decrease 1 sec CD time of all your own skills.

Holy Blessing: Increase TEN and decrease your slowing down time by 30%.

Path to Evil: Increase your own damage for enemy and DMG Reduction.

Holy Aura: Increase all your members’ Max HP, which means that it will increase each member’s HP (Their HP will be increased during a battle).


If you are a priest and want to get a great preference in 3V3, it is necessary for you to have members. Just change your talents to join the arena battle!