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Guardian PVE Inscriptions & Talents

PVE Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation of Guardian

When playing the Dungeon, Guardian is playing as a defender. Then what should Guardian choose to match the inscription and talents during the PVE station?


Guardian PVE Inscriptions Recommendation

Defense Guardian could choose the Inscription of Guardian Series directly.

Slam-Bloodgorge:  Recover your max HP by 5% every 3 Slams! When attacking a low lever Boss, this skill could be useful to recover the HP for Guardian.

Dire Bear- Iron Hair: When changing to be a Dire Bear, the max Hp will increase 10%. The DMG Immunity will increase 5% and last for 10s. Able to use for 3 times continuously.

Reap- Drain: Use to recover the max HP 8% of Guardian.

Tear- Toughness: Use to increase the Block +20% of Guardian and last for 5s. Use it when the Boss “berserk” and when the HP is low.

Maul- Growl: It is a Taunt skill, used to force the target to attack Guardian and last for 4s. When playing the Raid Dungeon, it may need to change the Tank of the team and then use this skill to attack the target.

Shock-Potential: After using this skill, it is able to recover the max HP+2% for each 1.5s.


Guardian PVE Talents Recommendation

The key point of Guardian PVE talents matching is to get a higher defense and a better HP recover.

HP ExtensionThe effect of being heal will increase 10%. When playing as a Tank in the team, it is a required talent.

HP ResistanceEach time the Block is triggered, there is a 20% chance of recovering the HP. The Block is a required status of a excellent tank, the Guardian should improve this status always.

Secret LanguageUse to reduce the CD time of all the Secret Art.

HP DrainWhen adding full 5 points, it could get a effect of recovering 10% HP.

Wildness AwakeningUse to increase the Block when the HP of Guardian is below 20%. Cooperate with the skill- Tear- Toughness could increase the Block to be more than 60% ,and able to increase the HP.


Guardian is a class with great HP and defense. As a excellent defender, Guardian should improve its defense, HP and Block status as more as better.