MT4-Lost Honor

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Guardian PVP Inscriptions &Talents

PVP Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation of Guardian


Guardian PVP Inscriptions Recommendation

Slam-Bleed: With the effect of Bleed, could use for 3 time continuously, and increase the DPS of Guardian on the Arena.

Dire Bear-Iron Hair: The only choice of PVP skill for this serie

Reap-Mangle: With the effect of Mangle, able to last for 6s so as to increase the DPS
Tear-Hamstring: Decrease the moving speed of the target

Tear- Tough Skin: Use to avoid the result-all the members killed at the ending time
Maul- Rip: Add Physical Damage+100% for one time

Shock- Howl:  Group Control skill, use to confuse all the targets within 2s. Use to control the boss to be fixed on somewhere for sometimes.


Guardian PVP Talents Recommendation


Skull BashWhen the target get the effect of Bleed, use this talent could increase the DMG

HP ResistanceWith a rate to recover the HP when Block. Use this talent could increase the life in3V3 Arena.

BrutalityUse Slam to decrease the CD time of Shock- Howl

Swift-footedIncrease the moving speed, and could reduce the lasting time when get a effect of decrease speeding

CrueltyWith 5% rate to Stun the target for each attacking.

Bleeding OutIncrease the DMG of Tear-Hamstring and Slam-Bleed.