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Shaman PVE Inscriptions&Talents

Shaman’s Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation for PVP

Inscriptions Recommendation

There are six inscriptions including Thunder, Rockfall, Thunderstorm, Fluctuation, Fire Totem and Water Totem.

In PVE, Shaman plays a role like a doctor (Do not recommend Shaman as DPS), so it’s quite simple to choose the inscriptions-just choose the first column of inscriptions.


Thunder - Blessing: using it can have 20% chances to get blessing effect which will improve the healing effect. It also can let other healers enjoy the bonus. It means if a Shaman heal a MT in dungeonall the healing effect of MT received can be improved.

Rockfall -Mark: it’s a special group healing skill. When you mark an enemy using this skill, all your teammates who are attacking this target can recover HP.

Thunderstorm -Charge: it’s a group healing effect which can continuous heal the teammates in certain range. It’s quite useful.

Fluctuation - Ray Beam: It’s a group healing which can make CRIT rate of the target with blessing effect increased by 20%.

Fire Totem –Strength: During the effectiveness of Fire Totem, the ATK rate of teammates around Shaman can increase by 5%. Shaman is not just a healer and is a helpful assistant.

Water Totem- Pray: During the effectiveness of Water Totem, it can recover certain HP of around teammates per 1.5s.


Talents Recommendation

As for the Shaman, just choose the talents which can improve the healing ability.

Way of the Shaman: it can reduce the Chanting time of Wave. When it has 5 points, it will become an instant skill.

Elemental Healing: if the target has the blessing effect, the wave can add extra HP for the target. – Blessing can add extra blessing effect for target.

Secret Language: it can reduce the CD time of Secret Art. Secret Art is quite useful in dungeon to reduce the CD.

Lightning Overload: using it can improve the continuous healing effect. 2nd healing can add recover effect (Can be superimposed 3 times) which can increase the number of treatments.

Shaman Master and Ancient God’s Wisdom: In addition to element spirit (Lv.35 talent) is a PVP talent; all other talents can be chosen as the first column talent.


Shaman has the strong ability to heal the teammates because he has many group healing skills and has a unique skill: Shamanic Blessing which can add 720% HP for teammates.

Let’s have a try! We believe the talents that we recommend will make you become a good healer.