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Shaman PVP Inscriptions &Talents

Shaman’s Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation for PVP

Many people think it’s hard to win for Shaman in 3V3 as they would be defeated easily. So how do we adjust our Inscriptions and Talents in this situation? Let’s have a look.

Inscriptions Recommendation

There are six inscriptions including Thunder, Rockfall, Thunderstorm, Fluctuation, Fire Totem and Water Totem.

In 3V3, the duty of Shaman is to heal his teammates. At the same time, Shaman easily attracts enemies attack so you should protect yourself from dying.

Now we will recommend inscriptions for Shaman to make you heal your teammates while protecting yourself.


Thunder - Blessing: this inscription can make your target improve the healing effect.

Rockfall - Silence: it’s a control effect which can be used in simple situation. If you meet a complicated situation, please protect and heal yourself at first.

Thunderstorm -Charge: it’s a group healing skill so you need to work perfectly with your teammates.

Fluctuation - Ray Beam: it’s a group healing skill which has the broader healing range than Charge.

Fire Totem – Tide: During the period of effectiveness, it can add a life shield per 4s so it’s a useful skill to protect your life. 

Water Totem- Pray: During the period of effectiveness, it can recover teammates’ HP per 1.5s. Even you are controlled by enemy; you can still heal your teammates.


Talents Recommendation

As for talents, you also should protect yourself from dying.

Way of the Shaman: it can reduce the time of Wave Chanting. It will become an instant skill when it has 5 points.

Elemental Healing: if target has the blessing effect, it can make extra recovering effect. As long as you use it, your target has the chance to get extra blessing effect.

Elemental Spirit: it can improve your TEN. There is 10% chances to make you 30% faster. It cannot be missed in PVP!

Lightning Overload: it can improve your continuous healing effect. When you add this talent, you still can heal your teammates even you are controlled.


In addition to the above description, you can think about the Secret Language (Lv. 25 talents) and Thunder Shield (Lv 25 talents). We can change the talents according to the condition of our teammates.

Let’s study the Shaman’s Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation for PVP and enjoy it.

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