MT4-Lost Honor

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Ranger PVE inscriptions& talents

 Today, we will recommend the PVE inscriptions, talents and secrets combination to ease the problem of low output!


Inscription Recommandation

Steady Shot - Aptitude: Improve the overall DPS of the Ranger


Summon Pet - Battle Roar: It can improve the ATK of teammates near pets, and improve our overall output to speed up dungeon clearance.


Power Shot - Soul Hunt: Increase your own ATK and longer of time of P.DEF and M.DEF, which can make the Ranger's output more violent.


Scatter Shot - Armor Break: It can reduce the P.DEF and M.DEF of the target, which is more conducive to the next output.


Toxic Arrow - Venomist: Increases the number of layers of Toxic Arrow, up to five levels, making the Ranger's continued damage even more terrifying.


Wildness - Motivate: It can further improve the damage of the pet, thus improving the overall output of the Ranger.


Cheat Selection

In the PVE, the Ranger is recommended to carry Rapid Shot and Beasts.


Rapid shot can greatly increase your own ATK and last for a longer time, so that Ranger can kill BOSS with his teammates faster;


Many Bosses will release the skills that can be evaded. Beasts Stampede can improve the mobility of all the staff and make it easier for teammates to avoid the skills.


Talent Recommendation

Berserk Strike: If there is a poisonous arrow on the target, all damage will be increased. The damage will be obvious when attacking the BOSS. It is a must.


Eagle-Eyed Suppression: When the target HP is below 40%, the critical strike rate will be increased.


Focus Energy: Steady Shot can shorten the CD of the Toxic Arrow - Venomist, allowing the Toxic Arrow effect to be more stably superimposed on the fifth layer, causing higher damage.


Enhanced Power Shot: Further enhances the damage of the Power Shot - Soul Hunt, and once it triggers a critical strike, it will increase its own attack for a long time.


Divine Shrine This talent is mainly added to match the inscription Wildness - Motivate, which greatly enhances the pet's damage output.


Divine Shrine Enhance the effect of Toxic Arrow when the Toxic Arrow are superimposed on the fifth floor.


This combination not only makes the Ranger have super damage output in the dungeon, but also provides a certain gain effect for the teammates, becoming an indispensable role for the team!