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Warriors PVE Inscriptions& Talent

Warriors’ Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation for PVP

Inscriptions Recommendation

There are six skills including Bash, Smash, Cleave, Broken Blade, Trample and Shield Block. It’s quite easy to choose Inscriptions in PVE mode for warriors. Most warriors focus on defend.

Bash- Armor Force: one Inscription must to be chosen in PVE as it has 10% DMG Reduction (Up to three times overlay) which can significantly reduce the damage. It’s a basic inscription for warriors.

Smash- Toughness: another inscription must to be chosen as it can provide a life shield.

Cleave- Provoke: it’s a useful inscription in dungeon because it can force enemy to attack you. When attacking boss, team members should be the tank in turn, so you need to use this inscription to attract boss’s attack.

Broken Blade- Bloodbath: 50% injured will be transformed to Self-healing so it can recover HP rapidly. Using it can relieve healing stress if you are challenging the boss who can summon servants. If there is no little boss, there is no need to use this inscription.

Trample- Setback: reduce enemies’5% attack which lasts 5s. From another aspect, it means you can reduce the attack that you suffer. It can lower movement speed of enemies nearby and it’s a useful inscription in boss control. 

Shield Block- Setback: increase self-setback and rebound 10% damage. It can protect you from dying when you meet a single strong attack boss or the boss with Berserk skill.

Shield Block- Guardian: adding group defense which can reduce team members’ damage.

Talents Recommendation

Now we will talk about talents for pure tank.

Steady as Mountain: It’s one of the skills you must choose as it can increase 10% DMG Resist.

Wind of Mars: when your HP is lower than 25%, you can recover certain percent of HP.

Advanced Barrier: reduce the CD time of Shield Block and increase the skill effective time.

Fierce Resistance: When your HP is lower than certain percent, your defense ability will increase 20%.

Tactical Command: reduce the CD time of all Secret Arts so most PVE warriors will choose this talent.

Sacrificial Parry: after you add 5 points, block rate will increase 5%. One of the talents you must add.

In PVE, warriors are regard as defender; we need to consider the inscriptions and talents chosen and how to add points focusing on improving your defense ability. Although we give output, we are still core member in a team because we cannot pass the dungeon without tank. Let’s study the defense skill and talents and let’s be the high HP and high defend tank!