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Warriors PVP Inscriptions & Talents

Warriors’ Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation for PVP

Today Shaman will talk about how to add inscriptions and talents points if you want to be a high CP warrior. The following content is for reference only.


It needs a different match when you are in PVP and in dungeon. Now, we will talk about the match when you are in PVP mode.

Inscriptions Recommendation

There are six skills including Bash, Smash, Cleave, Broken Blade, Trample and Shield Block.

Bash- Vanguard: 10% chance to reset Smash. Smash is the important control skill (dizzy) and chasing skill (approaching the enemy quickly).

Smash- Brutality: this skill is recommended for high CP warriors/ Disrupt is recommended for low CP warriors.

Cleave- Mortality: reduce 50% healing effect of enemy which last 8s. It’s really useful skill.  

Broken Blade- Momentum: recommended for high CP warriors / Cyclone: recommended for normal CP warriors which can reduce the enemies’ speed.

Trample- Crack: It can take great damage with reap effect. It will also increase the skill crit rate. / Outrage: recommended for normal CP warriors as it can take 1.5s control effect.

Shield Block- Berserk: increase 15% output and 10% crit rate. If you are pursuit the largest DPS, you cannot miss it.


Talents Recommendation

There is no absolute answer how to add your talents points. 

Mastery: it can increase Combo Rate which lasts 5s (Up to three times overlay) to get higher output.

Injured: when you use it, it will have chance to get injured effect after you crit your enemy.

Trampling Thunder: after using it, you can be immune to move control for a while.

Unlimited Blade: you can increase your move speed so you can take it as chasing skill.

Sharp Weapon:  it can increase the combo rate if your enemy has the Armor Break effect.

Hunger for More: it can improve the effect of Cleave- Mortality! It’s a really useful talents to reduce the enemies’ healing effect and kill them quickly.

Heavy Crush: it can improve the Injured effect and increase the DPS.

High end warriors have strong strength in PVP as they have strong defense, attack and control ability. If you want to be the strong in 3V3 Arena, let’s study the match of warriors' inscriptions and talents.