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Warlock PVE Inscriptions & Talents

The PVE Inscriptions and Talents Recommendation of Warlock


PVE Inscriptions Recommendation

Nether Flame- Torture: Attack the target could get DOT adding and could use for 3 times continuously.

Curse- Fire Curse: Bring a 10s DOT when using Curse skill, adding the DMG of fire.

Immolation- Reincarnation: Add a DOT, after used, with a 50% rate to get powerful DMG!

Summon- Magic Flame: After combing with the Devil, self ATK will increase and get Crit rate+10%.

Hell- Fire Sacrifice: Break out the Immolation effect of the target and bring 120% magic DMG.

Darkzone- Fire Vortex: Group-ATK and Group-Control skill, be useful on attacking a group of targets.


PVE Talents Recommendation

Endless Attack: All DOT +10% when getting full 5 points talents.

Pyromania: When Crit, self-DMG will increase and last for 5s.

Terrifying SpiritWhen using Nether Flame- Torture, use this talent is possible to get an 80% ATK.

Flaming SpiritIf the target gets a Fire Curse effect, use the talent to increase the crit rate of all the attack of the warlock.

Evil ForceIncrease the DOT of Immolation- Reincarnation.


Hey, Warlock! If you think you did not have a high DPS, just try to use our recommendation!