MT4-Lost Honor

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Warlock PVP Inscription & Talent

How to match the inscription and talents for Warlock on PVP station to be more powerful? Let’s check the recommendation in the following.


Warlock PVP Inscription recommendation


Nether Flame- Torture: Add Torture effect to the target.

Curse- Presence: Need to use one Devil, and reduce 30% moving speed of the target when attacking.

Immolation- Reincarnation: The main skill of Warlock to be a DPS. (Recommended on PVP&PVE)

Summon- Nether Soul: After combining with Devil, the attack will get Leech+10%.

Hell- Magic Dance: Summon one Devil to attack the target, use with Curse- Presence.

Darkzone- Soulgorge: Group attacking skill, able to stun all the targets 2s in some ranges.


Warlock PVP Talents Recommendation

Endless Attack: All DOT status +10% (full 5 points)

Pyromania: When Crit, the self-damage will increase.

Terrifying SpiritWith rate to increase the additional DMG when using Nether Flame.

AptitudeReduce the CD time of Secret Art. Not recommended for the new starter.

Evil ForceIncrease the DOT of Immolation- Reincarnation.