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Magic Beast

Magic Beast Selected Method


If you get an Orange Magic Beast, just keep it for long time but you need to use many items to develop it.

For Purple Magic Beast, you could develop it too, but it won't be stronger than the Orange one.



1. For Tank-- a Green Dragon

2. For healer-- a Yellow Dragon (save money)

3. For classes with ATK status--Black Dragon or a Blue Dragon

4. Each magic beast is born with a status, like ATK, Avg. ,DEF

You could develop magic beast to increase the corresponding status of your character.

ATK--add ATK status

DEF--add P.DEF or HP

Avg. --add M.DEF or other status

5. No need to develop Blue Magic Beast

6. The skill of the Magic Beast will only be activated when it is captain

7. Developed Methods---Upgrade, Awaken, Starlight

Upgrade--feed with food.

Awaken--use Awakening Potion, but it will get rate to fail.

Failed awakening potion will not return after decomposing the magic beast.

Starlight--use starlight to upgrade, 100% rate to use successfully.

8. If you think the current magic beast will be long-term used, you could feed with starlight but not awaken it. For the failed awakening potion may be wasted.


How to develop Magic Beast

1. Elite Invasion/Elite Boss--get develop items/ food

2. Magic Beast Trap--get magic beast egg/develop items/food

Magic Beast Trap: Get from Fishing/Fort Quest/Treasure Map Quest

3. Magic Beast Chest--buy 10 to get 1 purple magic beast/develop items/food

4. Decompose Magic Beast--get random developed items/food