MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Lv.30 Raid Dungeon No.1

No.1 Boss on Lv.30 Guild Dungeon- Tomb Raider Nerosine


Dungeon Stategy

 The required combat power of this dungeon is 43200, but if the average combat power of the whole team could be 32000.

Recommendation: Tank*2+Healer*3+DPS*5.

Before attack the Boss, we need to make clear the position of each class.

Like the picture below:

One tank need to control the Boss, one tank need to attack the followers of the Boss.

In order to be more convenient to use the group heal, all the remote class need to stand on one position.


Summon Followers

BOSS will summon the followers. When the BOSS is full of blood, only 4 followers will be summoned. 

But when the BOSS blood volume is less than 25%, it will summon 8 followers at one time. 

The follow-up life value is more than 30,000, and its attack power is high. If we do not quickly set fire to kill the followers, it will lead to the treatment not adding blood, and thus the group will be destroyed.

Playing Method:

1 Tank need to control the follower, the group attack skills of all the DPS class could not free to use, while DPS need to put on the group attack inscription.

When BOSS summons the followers, all the DPS need to use the group attack skills to eliminate the followers in the first time (playing BOSS does not need DPS use the group attack skills first. We must ensure that the group attack skills are placed on the followers first time).

Remember, as long as the followers appear, all DPS will only follow the followers, do not continue to attack the BOSS.



BOSS will use all-attack skills to roar every once in a while, and roar can cause a lot of damage to all adventurers.

Playing Method:

All remote adventurers stand together to facilitate the treatment of roaring damage to the whole, BOSS releases this skill with the followers, can quickly let the team down. 

Therefore, before BOSS releases the group attack skills, the healer class must ensure that everyone is full of blood.

 If everyone's blood volume is above 15,000, then it will be guaranteed that they will not be reduced because of roaring. However, if the team's blood volume is less than 50%, a roar may cause the group to die.

 If you have less than half of the blood, you can use the healing potion to quickly return blood.


When the BOSS blood volume is less than 50%, Boss' attack power and speed are improved.

When the BOSS blood volume is close to 50%, the life-saving skills of warrior should not be used casually. It is best to use it when it is infuriated (such as Shield Block).

At the same time, we must arrange a healer to add blood to the warrior. When the BOSS is quickly infuriated, the pre-reading healing skills are treated to ensure that the blood volume of T is within the safe range.


This dungeon is not so difficult, if the combat power of each member is above 43200.

But if the average combat power of the team is almost 32000, we would like to recommend you to use the recommendation above.

Let’s raid tighter!