MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Lv.30 Raid Dungeon No.2

Fel Priest Cantone:

Boss Skill introduction:

Bloodworm : Summon Bloodworm to lock the player, and it will result in lasting damage and divide into new Bloodworm once it touches the target.

Group Teleport: imprison the a player, then release Shadow Blast or Flesh Puppet to kill Tortured Soul to reduce the effect of the skill.

Shadow Blast: Chanting for 20S, doing great damage for all players.

Summon Flesh Puppet: Chanting for 20S, summon Flesh Puppet, the number of summon Flesh Puppet is related to the number of killing Tortured Souls.

Curse: Doing certain damage for the target and reduce its healing effect by 20% for 30 sec, which could be stacked.

Dungeon strategy:

It is recommended to have 2 Tanks, 2 Healing and 6 DPS in a team to defeat Cantone.


It is a moving battle, there is no special requirement for it, but think it seriously if you could deal with Bloodworm correctly and if DPS could kill the Bloodworm.


Skill: Parasitic

Bloodworm will select one player to parasitic, the players selected will drop blood debuff for 6 sec continuously, you shall add him bold when heal him to avoid losing him.

And the selected players shall be far away from the other player as the Bloodworm will cause a mess. It will lock two players randomly once the bloodworm appears, those DPS who are unlocked shall centralize their DPS to kill the bloodworm quickly, while the locked players shall run by dragging the bloodworm to avoid being parasitized by the bloodworm again.


The bloodworm will lock a player once the blood appears, and it is usually that two bloodworm will appear at the same time. It will not bring much pressure once the locked players to move to evade, with other DPS killing the bloodworm quickly.

As an important experience of defeating the Boss with Higher intensity in advance, you shall not look down upon on this single with a snowball influence. There will be one or two of such skills for those boss which with higher intensity. It looks simple, while there is higher chance to meet this kind of skills with great threaten. Once the player relaxes his attention, it is easy to cause a steep increase in difficulty and destroy the dudgeon battle.


Skill: Group Teleport

The Group Teleport skill requires all the team members to participate to deal with. The boss will divide players into two teams and imprison them into different prisons, the Tortures Souls will appear, killing it will decrease the boss’s skill effect released later.

 After killing 10 tortured souls, the prison will open, and the team will get accelerated, all the team members shall return back to fight with the boss.

It will cost 20s chanting Shadow Blast after the boos releases its Group Teleport, Shadow Blast is a Team AOE, it will decrease the damage resulted from Shadow Blast by 9% by killing 1 soul. If you don’t kill enough souls, your team will be destroyed completely.

Flesh Puppet will appear once the Boss’s blood is below 30%. And the boss will summon Flesh Puppet after players walk out of the prison, the number of summon Flesh Puppet is related to the number of killing Tortured Souls.

The key to coping with this skill is to eliminate the speed of killing soul. Players shall keep the AOE skill before entering the room, and then you can use the skill of gathering monsters and AOE to kill the tortured souls.


Skill: Curse

It will be usually released to the Tank to decrease its healing ability. It is easy to deal with this skill, two Tanks can take the Threat by turns to eliminate the DEBUFF.

The second Boss in Temple Ruins is an easy one, while its battle style is different from the first Boss Nerosine, the former is moving which mainly teat team awareness, while the latte is stand-still which mainly requires the equipment level.

It will be easier for adventurer to win if you can deal with the Bloodwarm and Group Teleport skill.