MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Frozen Canyon

Frozen Canyon

When players are at 30level, they can join the Dungeon of Frozen Canyon. Elite Dungeon requires players to have at least 38, 000 combat power to match. There is no complicate skill in this dungeon, but need to pay more attention to teamwork.


No.1 Boss- Bill

Players only need to interrupt his restore skills and avoid his skills attack. Then you can beat him easily.

Terrible Bash: After storing power, charges at a random player, inflicting damage while stacking a layer of damage debuff . This skill does not select the player, so it cannot be avoided.

After Bill releases this skill, Shaman and Priest should quickly return blood to the injured player to increase their blood volume to over 90% to remove debuff.

Hibernation: At the end of skill chanting, Bill will restore his HP. Because this skill, so when he is chanting the skill, Tank should quickly use the skill with interrupt effects (such as smash) to interrupt his skills. If Bill succeeds in restoring blood too many times, it will be easy to enter Berserk state and everybody will be died.

Crippling Pound: Pound four times in a crescent-shaped radius in front, it will have a crescent-shaped alerting when Bill release this skill. Players only need to quickly escape behind it when he releases the skill.


No.2 Boss-Lane

Lane has a lot of skills, and players sometimes need to keep moving and sometimes need to stop attacking.

Arctic Freeze: Invokes an arctic wind that inflicts damage and carries stackable Slowdown debuff on all players, after stacking up to 5 layers, cause Freeze. When Lane releases this skill, all the players need to keep moving. Once stop, you will be froze. Therefore, Lane releases this skill, Shaman and Priest should quickly return blood to the injured player to increase their blood volume. Make sure the team HP is not too low.

Ice Sword: Shooting a few ice swords in the direction of the front, back, left, and right, causing damage to people on the path. The speed of the ice sword is not fast, so when Lane releases the skill, the player can easily escape from the track of the ice sword.

Frozen Shield: Casts a Reflect Shield on caster, any damage received will be reflected back to players by 200%. It will give early warning when Lane releases this skill, and there will be a very obvious white shield on his body. At this point, all the players should quickly stop attacking.

Stalagmite: Drops stalagmites on all players’ current positions, inflicting damage on all players within 5 yards after 5 sec. This skill has a longer casting delay and a rounded area warning, so the player should quickly leave the attack range.


No.3 Boss-Grove

Grove is an ancient tree species that grew from the ancient gods on the Springtalk. It is the last green on the frozen continent. What we need to do is to attack the undead and keep the last of green color.


At the beginning of Grove’s blood volume was around 20%, and there were minions constant attacking it around. Minions will appear and attack from four angles, one is a long-range attack type, and the other is a close-fighting type. Shaman and Priest should quickly return blood to the Grove, while DPS and Tank need to pull the minions, and quickly destroy them. When the HP of the Grove is higher and higher, the number of minions will also increase. At this time, DPS and Tank need to clear the minions quickly to reduce the burden of Shaman and Priest, so that Grove can restore HP more quickly.

As long as Grove HP is restored to 100%, you can pass the dungeon.