MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Divine Shrine

When player reaching Lv.33, they could join the dungeon- Divine Shrine and Elite Dungeon needs power above 47000. This is not a difficult dungeon, but if you do not pay attention to some tips, the members of the whole team may die together.


No.1 Boss-Hough <Elder>

1) Hough will summon 3 kinds of totem, and Earth Totem will add a debuff of slowdown on the player. If the player gets 5 times effect added, this player will be rooted and last for 8s. When you are rooted, just move to remove the slowdown debuff easily.

If players stand in a point to output or do not pay attention to the DMG of the Totem, they will be rooted and reduce the whole DPS of the team or be killed by the other skill of the Boss.


2)Chain Lightning is one of the skills of the BOSS. It will name a player and release a devastating attack on it.It needs the team stand with the named player and share the DMG together.

Many of the named players like to run around, so the whole team is difficult to collect smoothly, or some players ignore their teammates after the player is named, the named players are easily killed.

In another case, the healer does not raise the blood of the teammate before the BOSS released the skill. If the blood volume is too low, it is easy to directly lead to death when the DMG collection is shared.


No.2 Boss- Yuna <Arachnid Priest>

1)BOSS will use the skill " Spider Web Constriction" to randomly trap a player. The trapped player can't move and use the skill. As long as other players turn to attack the trapped player quickly, they can break the spider web to save the teammate.

2)When attacking the BOSS, many DPS only focus on attacking the BOSS and mobs. When the teammates are controlled by the spider web released by BOSS, there is no fire attacking the spider web to rescue the teammates, which will lead to extremely slow customs clearance.

3)Once the healer is being controlled, no one can return blood to the team in time, and the whole team basically will be destroyed!

No.3 Boss-Carol <Angel>

BOSS will use a chain of skills " Spiked Stone Pillar" + " Earth Blast". The Boss will summon a stone pillar on the position of the first named player and release a full-screen damage, players can easily escape behind the stone pillar.

Some of the named players like to run around, so that the stone pillar position is very far away from the team, which will cause trouble to other teammates. When BOSS summoned the stone pillars, some players did not pay attention to the position of the stone pillars. When the BOSS released the " Earth Blast ", it would be very confusing. It was too late to hide behind the stone pillars and even some people could not find the position of the stone pillars. The whole team will fall in battle.

In addition, BOSS will release the skill to summon 4 Elemental Orb to attack the player. We should first attack a Elemental Orb and then deal with the remaining elemental ball, otherwise the player will be hurt by a high amount.


This dungeon is not so difficult, just try to pay more attention to the skill of the Boss and the position of your teammate.