MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Flowertalk Isthmus

No.1 BOSS- Marshal Adam 

Boos will use a combination skill. First, it will use duel to teleport all the players to the stand. And then randomly select a player to turn it into an rc to have one-to one battle.

 Then it will release savage strike, which can make deadly damage. When a random player is turned into an orc and captured, he can use only one skill to interrupt the BOSS's skill casting. Selected player must interrupt the casting after the notice coming out and the buff below the Boss appears.

If the selected player interrupt the casting as soon as he becomes the orc, the player could not interrupt successfully. And the whole team may be down.

No.2 BOSS -Wolfmother Muzi

The difficulty with the BOSS is that the Wolf pups next to him will randomly lock a player after the start. If getting close to him, it will cause high damage to the player. And the Wolf pups cannot be eliminated, but we can easily solve it as long as we keep a certain distance from the Wolf pups. Many players, especially assassins, ignore the existence of Wolf pups, do not maintain a certain distance from the Wolf pups, and finally do not even know how they died.


No.3 BOSS- Fungir

The boss will summon mushrooms in 4 colores.

White Mushroom: Reduce DMG and increase defense, the Tank is recommended to eat.

Yellow Mushroom: Increase DMG, the DPS or Ranged is recommended to eat.

Purple(Black) Mushroom: Reduce the self HP, if you are in the buff of “Explosive Spore”, you need to eat 2 black mushroom)