MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Chaotic Camp

Chaotic Camp is a test of the cooperation between the players, and there must be a lot of adventurers sufferred group out in this dungeon. Let’s take a look at what are the reasons that are likely to cause the group out.


No. 1 BOSS-Yankee <Woodwalker>

BOSS will summon three minions in order, namely Raptor, Dire Bear and Divine Lamb. Raptor will release the Suppress skill, so that the player can not release the skills in a short time.

Dire Bear will use roar skill to cause high damage.

Divine Lamb will cast Gore to attack players.

Because the skills of the Raptors have control effects, the damage of the giant bears is high, so we need to quickly kill the two minions after the BOSS summons them.

However, many players did not pay attention when the BOSS summoned the minions and don’t attack the minions, this will increase the pressure of the Healer, if the Healer increase the HP slowly, Tank will die easily and cause the group out!


No. 2 BOSS- Defoe <Grand Druid>

BOSS will summon two different seeds, one is Burn Seed and the other is Cure Seed. Some players didn't take a close look at the Dungeons guide before they attack the boss, so it will be easy to panic when attacking the BOSS, and did not make the correct response. When BOSS summons the Burn Seed, many players do not stand in the seed in time and if the HP is too low, they will die directly.

When BOSS summons the Cure Seed, many Tanks still attack BOSS in situ, and do not pull them to the seed, which will make BOSS recover HP quickly and it is easy to berserk. Once the BOSS berserks, it is basically the end of the group!

BOSS No. 3- Eastern Archmage

When attacking the BOSS, many teams were killed in the opening. Because many players are accustomed to concentrate on standing when attacking BOSS, but the BOSS will give all players Discord debuff, anyone who moves close to a player with Discord will suffer damage over time until the end of the battle , once the player concentrates on the station for too long, it will directly lead to the extinction.

Another difficulty is the BOSS will also release " Group Teleport ", which will send all players into a cage and causes Blackout for 2 sec.. At this time, five players stand together and receive about 15,000 damage per second. If the Healer did not incrase the HP of his teammates in time (about 40,000) before the transfer, the players will die directly in the coma within 2s after entering the cage. After the coma effect is removed, many players will directly rush out of the cage, this will cause a great mount of HP decrease, even if the Helaer is strong, it is unable to save the team. Therefore, after the coma is released, the players must first disperse and then escape from the cage.

It is recommended that the adventurers open the microphone to communicate  more when play the dungeon. As long as you cooperate well, you can easily pass!