MT4-Lost Honor

Let's raid for honor!

Ruins of Death

No.1 Boss, Goblin Shredder

Introduction to BOSS main skills

EM Pulse: Summon several EM robots that cannot be selected and attacked. EM robots periodically release EM Pulse to cause damage to all players, and each wave can summon 2 robots. There will have 8 EM robots when in elite dungeon and boss will get 50% damage reduction.

Laser Cannon: After storing power, cause divisible damage at random rectangle radius area. Get 10energy for each hit. Cast time 5.3 seconds. Need to players share damage so that the Boss energy quickly reaches 100 to eliminate the EM robots.

Industrial Revolution I: At 100 energy, Boss strengthens itself and removes the EM robots on the field. It also acquires the skill: Spider Bomb.

Spider Bomb: Summon 2 spider bombs to lock the player and will self-destruct after moving to the target.

Industrial Revolution II: At 100energy, Boss strengthens itself and removes the EM robots on the field. It also acquires the skill: Firebolt Barrage.

Firebolt Barrage: Launches a firebolt barrage at all player positions, causing damage.

Industrial Revolution III: At 100energy, Boss strengthens itself and removes the EM robots on the field, increasing damage by 20%, effect is stackable.



1. When the Laser Cannon appears, all players need to gather to share the DMG

2. Once the spider bomb appears, the targeted player need to leave the groups and other players need to clear the bombs as soon as possible.


No.2 Boss, Undead Mage Soul Taker

ntroduction to BOSS main skills

Spirit Harvest: Casting in a crescent-shaped radius of melee, making damage and restoring 5% health per hit. Need players to keep moving to avoid AOE damage.

Soul Stealing Scythe: Mark a target, inflicting damage on it every 1.5 sec. When effect ends, the target inflicting damage equal to the target's lost HP for 9sec.

Suck Soul: Deals random damage to a player and sucks his soul and stores it.

Soul Elegy: When all players are within 10 yards of the Boss, it casts stored souls that make damage to all and increase the base attack by 100% over the next 28 seconds. Stackable. Each soul deals fixed damage. This skill is released directly when the Boss store 5 souls.


1. Tank needs to make the Boss back to other players to avoid the fire circle

2. Need to arrange one player to be the free one, pay attention to the boss skill-Spirit Harvest. When it is 2, the free player need to go into the green circle (with other players). When it is 0, the free player need to go out the green circle.

No.3 Boss, Undead Rogue

Introduction to BOSS main skills

Choke Lock: Inflicts permanent bleeding damage to a random player and silences it for 3 seconds. Stackable.

Bayonet Stab: Teleports to a random player's position to make a quick, continuous maim at the area near that player's position. Inflicts 6 times damage to players which are in a crescent-shaped radius in 4.2 seconds.

Disappear: The Boss disappears in the room and walks around randomly preparing to maim a player. There will be bright spots in the room, and the player will go to the light and gather to bring the Boss to be seen.

Blood Storm: Detonate all players affected by Choke Lock and Bleed, inflicting damage other nearby teammates.

Cyanide Ointment: When HP of Boss is below 50%, dips dagger in deadly cyanide. Base attack will poison target, inflicting damage over time, a puddle of poison will be left below target’s feet every 5 sec when poisoned. Poison puddles last for 20 sec.